baked mac ‘n cheese $11 *with bacon! $13
four cheese sauce, panko breadcrumbs

kale salad $10
bacon, cheddar, house-made potato chips, “srirancha” dressing

loaded nachos (NY Magazine’s best nachos) sm $10 / lg $17
chili, jalapeños, cheddar, tomatoes, onions, lime sour cream

chicken wings sm $8 / lg $15
buffalo, bbq, or broken chili

spicy chicken nuggets $11
honey mustard & sweet chili dipping sauces


house-cut fries $5
coleslaw $4
tater tots $5
house salad $5
smoky collards $5
add cheese sauce $2


all sandwiches served with house cut fries

spicy chicken sandwich $13
pickles, iceburg lettuce, ranch

filet o’ fish $15
fried catfish, bacon, shaved cabbage, american cheese, srirancha sauce

cheeseburger (NY Magazine’s Best Bar Burger) $11
pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, potato roll
*make it a double! $15

chili cheeseburger $16
chili, cheese sauce, bacon, fried jalapenos
*add an egg! $18

porky melt $13
cheddarwurst, griddled onions, mustard, rye

mother porker $16
cheddarwurst, griddled onions, fried egg, bacon, pickled jalapenos, mustard, rye

pulled pork $13
bbq sauce, pickles, sesame roll

steak sandwich $15
gruyere and american cheese, onions, jalapenos, steak sauce