Welcome to Pork Slope

As a former Fugitive recovery agent, Rick Player has seen things that are not for the faint of heart. He quickly became a successful bounty hunter rising the ranks and successfully capturing some of the most dangerous criminals and criminal organization masterminds in the U.S. To be a bail bondsman and / or bounty hunter, individuals  not only must be trained in how to effectively apprehend a fugitive but also while operating within the law.

As a Fugitive recovery agent Rick was always in the streets locating dangerous criminals many of which who have fled to avoid jail or prison time. As a life time member of the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents, Rick Player, has also earned himself a reputation of not only being one of the best fugitive recovery agent but also one of the kindest.

From the outside looking in Rick looks like a hardened tough soul who you wouldn’t want to cross paths with. On the inside however, Rick is a gentle giant and a person who cares about his community and helping others. As a boy Rick lost his father in a violent gun battle. One that forever changed him and who he would become to be. It was during this painful time in Rick’s life that he learned how to forgive and ultimately where he wanted to make a change.

Rick created this site after serving many years on the front lines of bounty hunting and bail recoveries. Now he shares his stories and passion with the world hoping to help sculpt the next generation of bounty hunters and bail bond agents. We welcome you to read and share your thoughts and comments with us anytime and hope that you will in turn share this resource and our stories with your friends and associates.


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